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Tired of losing money when liquidating aged used car inventory?
EcarTRADE is an online site where local new car dealers trade used cars between themselves to balance their inventories and reduce wholesale losses.

No time to take pictures and post cars on our site?
EcarTRADE offers Photo and car posting service.

Need transportation?
EcarTRADE offers low cost transportation assistance.

All cars and trucks for sale or trade on EcarTRADE are owned by new car dealerships and have been smog and safety tested.

Dealers grade their own cars according to our Condition Scale:

10. All original paint, tires 80% or better. No dents or scratches greater than 1/8 inch. Interior clean and like new. FRONT LINE READY!

9. Tires 80% plus. No more than one panel previous paint work. Some small scratches. Interior clean.

8. Tires 60% plus. No more than three panels previous paint work. Interior has some stains and wear. Overall good condition.

7. Average or below, some edge just a car.

6. Rough. Excessive paint work. Mechanical problems. Needs several hundred dollars to recondition. Lots of edge. Not available on


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