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Roy Sonboleh
Los Angeles, CA


EarthTone Music  

Earthtone Music

Musical acts booking agency. Created all artwork and entire website layout. Company logo supplied by client. Dreamweaver/Photoshop.

System Associates   www.systemassociates.com

Broadcast Video Equipment sales. Completely redesigned layout and graphics of site. Optimized photos. Refined original company logo. Edited by hand and also using Dreamweaver. Javascript rollovers edited manually.

Ambrosia   Ambrosia

Classic Rock band. Website coded entirely by hand using raw HTML. Created buttons, background, and band logo in Photoshop.

eCar Trade   eCar Trade

HTML received from client, edited by hand. Javascript rollover edited manually. I created the buttons and layout. I did NOT create the logo. Photoshop.

AVS HTML site   Audio Video Systems Int'l

Broadcast Video Equipment sales. Created all artwork and entire website layout. Designed company logo. Hand-coded all HTML. CSS. Dreamweaver/Photoshop.

The Guitar Exchange   The Guitar Exchange

Retail Music Store. Website hand-coded to client's specifications. Designed company logo. Animation and clipart supplied by client.

Bossa Nova Restaurant   Bossa Nova Restaurant

Brazilian Restaurant.
Rough comp created for client.

Balloon Emporium   Balloon Emporium

Balloon Supply and Service.
Created with Dreamweaver. Scanned and optimized photos in PhotoShop. Edited HTML by hand. Coded javascript to emulate floating ballons navigation on left.

Artist - Manu Shadian   Artist - Manu Shadian

Artist personal site.
Optimized existing site layout from one long single column of thumbnails to a wider table to minimize scrolling.

AVS Flash Site   Audio Video Systems Int'l

Broadcast Video Equipment sales.
Flash site. Created all graphical elements in Photoshop. Imported slices into Flash MX. Redesigned logo.

Los Angeles City College   Los Angeles City College

College Funding website. Created entire website in Dreamweaver. Created all graphical elements in Photoshop. DHTML clickable slideshow. Flash buttons. CSS.

Pop Killer   Pop Killer

Retail clothing store.
Comp for client. Designed in Photoshop.

Ron Green Estates   Ron Green Estates

Real Estate Broker Website. Coded DHTML floating navigation. CSS. Dreamweaver/Photoshop.

South Maui Inn   South Maui Inn

Bed and Breakfast in Hawaii.

Dreamweaver/Photoshop. iframes. CSS.

Rates-R-Low   Rates-R-Low.com

Mortgage Broker website. Barebones with minimal images for faster loading. Forms page.


Free Kung Fu Lessons   KungFuLA.net

Kung Fu Website.

Dreamweaver/Photoshop. Coded DHTML script for changing proverbs on home page.

Ron Green Flash Intro   Ron Green Estates

Flash intro for Real Estate Website.

Eye for an Eye   Eye for an Eye

Novelty gift website. Coded DHTML tool tips for message pop up on rollover.