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ACIDA is the musical partnership of two of Argentina’s most talented artists in the field of Latin Pop. Singer-songwriter Alina Gandini (tipped in Buenos Aires as the “Madonna of Argentina”) began her quest to conquer the ears of the world back in 1999, with the help of her producer husband Tweety Gonzales (famous throughout Latin America as the keyboardist with superstar band Soda Stereo during the eighties and early nineties). The influence of Tweety on the music they initially made was so strong it was only natural that he should become part of the performing act, and ACIDA was born.
photo - Ambrosia
One of America's best-loved pop acts, Ambrosia was nominated for three Grammy Awards while producing several top 10 hits throughout the 70's and early 80's. The band has a new album and is going strong into the new millennium. This is one of the best live bands an audience will ever experience.
Bap Kennedy
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Bap Kennedy is a songwriter with an ear for strong melody and thoughtful lyricism. The mixed fortunes of the last few years have included getting lost on a major label with his previous band, the hotly tipped Energy Orchard..... to finding critical acclaim and a new artistic focus thanks to the Steve Earle produced album "Domestic Blues".

Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams
Thumbnail - Cecilia Noel and the Wild Clams

The "Queen of SalSoul", Cecilia Noël! Born in Lima, Perú, Cecilia has
captured the American Music audience with her scorching vocals, hypnotic
style and excellent songwriting. A stunning performer, with hundreds of sold
out shows, Cecilia Noël and The Wild Clams (her 17 piece SalSoul Band) enjoy
legendary status in Los Angeles. Her star continues to rise and soon will be
seen by all.

Colin Hay
Thumbnail - Colin Hay
Lead singer/songwriter of the multi-platinum Grammy Award winning band Men At Work. There are two variations of Colin's amazing show; solo acoustic, which is intimate and mesmerizing or a six-piece band that will blow the doors off of any venue. Colin's latest release is a contemporary masterpiece, surrounded by critical acclaim and praise from fans throughout the world.
Jim Messina
Thumbnail - Jim Messina

In 1968, Jim Messina joined Neil Young, Steve Stills, Richie Furey and Dewey Martin in the legendary L.A. band Buffalo Springfield. Along with The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield was credited with being the pioneers of folk-rock and country-rock. When Buffalo Springfield disbanded, Stills and Young went on to eventually perform as Crosby Stills Nash & Young; Messina and Furey formed the famous country-rock band Poco. Jim Messina was at the core of a sound that later allowed for the emergence of The Eagles (an offshoot from Poco).

The Need
Nino Astronauta
Synopsis coming soon.
Nino Astronauta
Nino Astronauta

Originally form Ensanada, Baja California, Nino Astronauta is a trio striving to explore the world of electronic music by transforming themselves into human machines. This group of eclectic musicians mix live acoustic instruments with electronic music creating a new form of sound that travels form nu-jazz, 2step, and break beats to dance glitch pop atmospheres.

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